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Carl’s Jr. Ad Manages To Be Both Racist And Sexist Against Latinos

Carl’s Jr., the burger chain that you only go to on long road trips when there is nothing else, has caused quite a stir with their new ad. Many people have accused the company of being both sexist and racist. The sexism part is not really a surprise. Most of Carl’s Jr’s ads consist of hot women in bikinis eating their burgers while also inexplicably doing things like washing a car. In this commercial, there are sexy ladies in bikinis but this time they are playing volleyball on the Mexican/U.S. border. It’s advertising the Tex Mex Bacon Thickburger, which sounds like it will block you up for a week. Basically, the premise is whether it is more Tex or Mex. Then the ad just reverts to girls dumping water on themselves and slapping each other’s butts. You know, like happens in real life.

I’m not sure if I would characterize it as racist per se. What it does do is trivialize the very real problems that happen along the border. People die trying to cross that border almost every day. Although, to be fair we did write a story once on a border volleyball game. What the commercial is for sure is sexist. In this sense it is a little racist in that it reverts back to the classic stereotype of sexualizing Latinas. But then again it also sexualizes the White girls too. I’m not sure what bikini clad girls have to do with a gross-looking cheeseburger but then I’m not an ad exec.

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