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Chad Ochocinco Dreams Of Soccer Stardom Not Quite Dead Yet

Chad Ochocinco– wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals– played his first match with a professional soccer team yesterday as a member of Sporting Kansas City’s reserve team. The Major League Soccer promoted Ochocinco to their reserve squad after a four day trial. How did he do? Kind of meh, actually. In the half hour that he was on the pitch as a winger, Ocho didn’t really do much. You can see for yourself in the following video. Notice the poor level of his footwork and halfbaked crosses:

The chances of Ochocinco making the first team are next to nill, but that doesn’t mean that his soccer dreams are dead yet. Yes, Sporting KC manager Peter Vermesbeen did give out a laundry list of things that pretty much guarantees that Ochocinco won’t be playing at the 2011 MLS All-Star game, but we doubt that the club will be letting him go. Why would they? Keeping Chad around– even as a reserve– would be the best thing Sporting KC could do, especially if there’s no NFL season next year [ed. note: please God, let there be football next year].

Here’s the thing. Last season, Chad Ochocinco had the 20th best selling jersey. Surely the MLS– a league that’s well behind the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL in terms of popularity– could benefit from having someone like him as a player. Even if Ochocinco played a total of five minutes in the entire season, the likelihood of him having the number one selling jersey is very high. Plus, in terms of overhead, he’s already stated that he’d play for free, which means that it would be pure profit for the club and the league. So yeah, with that said, don’t count him out just yet.

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