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Charlie Hunnam Signs On To Portray Mexican Cartel Kingpin La Barbie


This papi chulo is best know for the TV series Sons of Anarchy where he portrayed “Jax” Teller. Y parece que ahora Charlie Hunnam has signed on to play another character caught up in a life of drugs and crime. Hunnam will bring to life Edgar Valdez Villarreal a high school football star who in 2010 was the most wanted United States fugitive. American Drug Lord is based on the true story of Edgar Valdez Villarreal, also known as La Barbie. According to sources, Valdez made $130 billion in a single year moving drugs from Acapulco to Colombia. He is the only U.S. Citizen to ever hold a high ranking leadership position in the Mexican drug cartel.


Parece que Charlie will have to tap into the character of Jax Teller to bring Edgar Valdez Villarreal to life. This movie sounds very interesting ya veremos how Charlie Hunnam’s spanish is and if he can pull full off playing La barbie.

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