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Charlie Sheen Confirms That He Has HIV

Actor Charlie Sheen confirmed a rumor that had been swirling around Hollywood for months that he is in fact HIV positive. He spoke to Matt Lauer on The Today Show this morning and said that he has been HIV positive for years. He also said that he has suffered greatly, not because of the disease itself, but because he was extorted and blackmailed by people he knew to keep this information from leaking out. He says that he is on treatment and does not, as some reports had said, have AIDS. He is immune system is not compromised and is healthy. In fact, he says, the virus is undetectable in his blood stream. Most importantly he says that there is no way he could have infected anyone else.

Sheen, who was born Carlos Estevez to legendary actor Martin Sheen, has a long history of drug abuse and womanizing. He says he isn’t sure how he was infected but his former lifestyle definitely led to his getting sick. It’s a brave thing he’s doing, admitting that he’s got HIV. There is still a serious stigma attached to the disease and having someone as high profile as him confirming his status will help others who may be too afraid to disclose their status.

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