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How Messed Up Is Charo’s Son?

We all know that parents are embarrassing. Even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, two of Hollywood’s coolest actors, probably make their borrowed children cringe from time to time. Now imagine if your mother was María del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza, or Charo. I figured if Charo, best known for her wild antics and catch phrase, “cuchi-cuchi”, had a child, surely it would be more messed up than Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus. Turns out that Charo’s kid, Shel Rasten, is actually doing okay for himself. The aspiring actor has appeared in episodes of Parks and Recreation and Workaholics. While Shel might not have been too traumatized in his youth, being the son of Charo definitely had its moments:

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