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Chipotle To Open Burger Restaurant


Chipotle Mexican Grill is going into the burger business, que? After filing a trademark application for “Better Burger” earlier this year, Chipotle is set to open it’s first tasty made burger restaurant this fall in Lancaster, Ohio. Pero como van a ser estas hamburguesas? Unfortunately there is no more information as far as if the menu will be traditional burgers and fries or have a healthier menu with a twist. All Chipotle has said is it will follow the “Chipotle model” what ever that means.


This is not the first time the company has tried other food concepts as it has opened the ShopHouse, an Asian food concept and a pizza concept called Pizzeria Locale. Si este nuevo burger concept takes off cuidado McDonalds you may have more competition. As Chipotle tries to recover from an E.coli outbreak and low sales, could a “Better Burger” save the day?

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