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Chipotle’s Latest Food Poisoning Outbreak Is The Worst

Chipotle has been plagued by food-borne illnesses and the latest case is the worst yet. According to reports, more than 700 illnesses have been reported on July 26th to a possible food-borne illness outbreak. The strange and good thing is that it seems to be coming from a single location in Powell, Ohio.

The source of the outbreak has not yet been identified. A recent health inspection did find that black beans and pinto beans weren’t kept at a high enough temperature and the lettuce was not properly refrigerated after preparation. Both violations were said to be corrected that day.

At least two lawsuits have been brought against Chipotle relating to the Ohio outbreak. Attorney Ron Simon, who represents one person still receiving medical treatment told local news, “This is the first of many lawsuits we will be filing on behalf of local residents who were sickened by contaminated Chipotle food. We have handled hundreds of claims against Chipotle as this is Chipotle’s seventh food poisoning outbreak in the last 3 years.”

Looks like it may be time to find an alternative to Chipotle.

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