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Chorizo Bobblehead Giveaway

The Milwaukee Brewers celebrated their Cerveceros Day event at Miller Park during the Dodger vs Brewer’s game. Just like in NBA games where teams replace their logos to a Spanish language translation during Latin nights.

The Brewers took to the field with the traditional “Brewers” script replaced by the Spanish language translation “Cerveceros.” The giveaway for the game was a free chorizo to all fans in attendance. Que, a free Chorizo, well kind of. The Brewers payed homage to their world famous Sausage Race with a bobblehead night featuring the likeness of it’s newest sausage participant, the Chorizo.

First of all I think getting a chorizo bobblehead is awsome but the only problem I see is that bobblehead does not look like a chorizo. Y que pedo con ese sombrero, might as well but a cactus next to him and have the chorizo look like the typical lazy mexican taking a siesta. No word yet on how team dog “Hammerin Hank” feels about this one but I think they could have done a better chorizo bobblehead.

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