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Chuck Norris Battles Jean Claude Van Damme

This ain’t the plot to the new Expendables movie that comes out next year. A few weeks ago Jean Claude Van Damme took part in one of the most bad-ass bits of advertising ever put to screen. The commercial featured the 53 year old action star standing atop two large Volvo trucks, like a majestic, testosterone filled albatross. Apparently Chuck Norris saw that commercial and wasn’t in awe like the rest of us. Instead, Chuck must have taken it as a threat to his very manhood, driving him to release his own macho video. I’m not sure what Chuck is selling here (or if it even is Chuck), but whatever it is, I’m buying. Check out the video’s below. I’m gonna go eat a 64 ounce steak for breakfast and sharpen some knives.

Chuck Norris

Jean Claude Van Damme

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