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Cinco De Mayo Or Better Yet Gringo De Mayo

Most gringos celebrate Cinco de Mayo and think that its Mexico’s independence day or worse they think its a day you eat a lot of tacos and drink Coronas. But in reality, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence day!  Cinco de Mayo is the day to commemorate the battle of Puebla. Mexicans fought against the French to get rid of imperialism and despite the fact that Mexico had low resources and wasn’t ready to fight against a large army, they were able to overcome the French army.

Cinco de Mayo has become a day for gringos to party and drink plenty of cerveza, tequila and be Mexican for the day by wearing large sombreros, sarapes and eating plenty of Mexican food.

Yes this may be good business for a lot of Mexican restaurant but sadly most gringos have no idea what they are celebrating and to make thinks worse large corporations take advantage of this and practically brain wash gringos in telling them they have to consume plenty of Mexican products in order to properly celebrate a day in which means nothing to them.

I have lived in Mexico for more then 25 years and I have never seen so much celebration in Mexico for Cinco de Mayo as I have seen in the US.  I guess Cinco de Mayo has become Gringo de Mayo, an excuse to overindulge on anything that says Mexico.

Happy Cinco de Mayo Gringos! I will wait till September 16th to celebrate Mexico’s independence day and drink lots of cerveza and traditional Mexican food without wearing a large sombrero and fake mustaches.

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