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Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Makes Racist Remarks

A recording was leaked on the Internet of The Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, making racist remarks.  According to the audio recording, Sterling was telling his girlfriend that he does not want her to bring any black people to his games or to post pictures with black people on Instagram.

You can hear Sterling upset with his girlfriend, who is black and Mexican, for posting photos to Instagram of herself with black people like Hall of fame NBA star Magic Johnson and Los Angeles Dodgers Matt Kemp.

Since the release of the recording a big back lash against Donald Sterling from several singers, NBA stars and even the President Obama voicing their negative opinion against Sterling. Now the NBA will do an intensive investigation on the matter.

Sterling was going to receive a Life time achievement award from the NAACP, but since his racist remarks, Lorraine Miller, the interim president of the NAACP said that Sterling will no longer be considered for the award.

It is unbelievable that we still live in a world filled with racism. Apparently Donald Sterling does not realize that the NBA is made up of 90% African American players and that the only reason the Los Angeles Clippers are in the playoffs with a chance to win a title is because of his star point guard, Chris Paul and the Clippers head coach, Doc Rivers, who both are African American.  I hope the NBA finally gets rid of Donald Sterling and remove him from owning the Los Angeles Clippers, becuase we dont need that kind of person in the NBA and in the world.

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