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Cockfighting Needs To Stop, Latinos

By Jack Tomas

In Spain yesterday, 46 people were arrested for running an illegal cock fighting ring. The police had caught wind of the operation a couple of months ago and put those jerks behind bars. Sadly, this is not an uncommon thing.  The Spanish and we Latinos have a long history of cock fighting. In Puerto Rico, for example, it’s downright a cultural institution. Then again, at one time so was slavery and killing Indians. They sell cock fighting figurines at the airport in San Juan. Not that it’s just in PR, it’s a pan-Latino and Spanish problem. This needs to stop, like for serious. Right now. And it’s in our power to do it.

How? Don’t friggin’ go to cock fights! Some might say, “You’re being a hypocrite because you eat chicken.” That’s true. But the chickens I eat don’t die slow painful deaths from multiple lacerations. They don’t have their combs cut off, they don’t have iron spikes attached to their heels, they aren’t purposely mistreated to make them mean. Plus, the chickens I eat are slaughtered for food, not because people enjoy watching these animals kill each other. If you enjoy animal cruelty, you’re messed up. Now, it’s true that industrial food production is horrible too, but that is a different story. If we Latinos stop going to cock fights, they will stop in places with high Latino concentrations. It makes us look bad. It makes us seem cruel and savage. Stop it. Also dog fights. And bullfighting. That stuff is effed up.

Via Fox News Latino.

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