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The Iconic Actress Columba Dominguez Passes Away

We pay tribute to Columba Domínguez an iconic actress from the golden age of Mexican cinema, who passed away on August 13, she was 83 years old. She was born on March 4, 1929 in Guaymas, Sonora, and when she was an infant her family moved to Mexico City. At the young age of 14 she got married to the cinematographer Emilio “Indio” Fernández, who discovered her and his movies brought her to fame.

She debuted in 1946 in small shorts and films like “Pepita Jiménez”, “Pearl” and “Hidden River”, the next year she performed “Maclovia” in which won an Ariel award for Best Female Co-acting. She worked under other filmmakers, such as Julio Bracho, Luis Buñuel, Fernando Mendez, Ismael Rodriguez and Gilberto Martinez Solares.

In the 50s she participated in films like “Un día de vida”, “Le Edera” (Italy, 1950), “La bienamada” (1951), “El mar y tú”, “Cuando levanta la niebla”, “Mujeres que trabajan” (1952), “Reportaje” (1953), “Fuerza de los humildes” (1954) and “Pan, amor y Andalucía” (Italia-España, 1959), among others. She also did theater and comedy magazine between 1957 and 1982, plus she participated in radio programs, and for the small screen she did music series and melodramas such as La Tormenta, Aprendiendo a amar, and Los Ricos Tambien Lloran, as well programs of stories and legends of Mexico.

In the 60s she starred in the films “Viva la parranda”,”Los hermanos del hierro”, “El tajador de milagros”, “Pueblito”, “El hombre de papel”, “Paloma herida”, “Aventura en el centro de la tierra”, “La loba”, “Duelo de pistoleros”, “Juventud sin ley” y “Ambición sangrienta”, to name a few. The actress, who was also a dancer, painter, and directed five short-films, one of them “Catemaco mágico en Veracruz”. She participated in more than 60 films in which earned several awards. In 1984 the National Association of Actors (ANDA) gave her the medal “Virginia Fábregas” for more than 25 years of continuous artistic work. In addition, she was part of the muses that inspired the Mexican composer Jose Alfredo, who dedicated to Columba Dominguez the song “Si nos Dejan”.

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