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Conan O’Brien Films Episode In Cuba

For the first time since 1959 a late night host has filmed an episode in Cuba after Conan O’Brien shot an episode in Havana. The episodes will air on March 4th and are currently wrapping up primary photography. O’Brien is known for shooting travel segments, for example in Scandinavia and Ireland, but shooting in Havana is something else entirely. We don’t know for certain what he’s shooting only that he’s going to show American audiences what life is like in Cuba, from a humorous point of view, of course. Jack Parr was the last late night host to travel to Cuba when he interviewed Fidel Castro in 1959 after the triumph of the revolution for the Tonight Show. It’s going to be really interesting to see what Conan comes up with.

All of this is possible only after President Obama sought to open up relations with the island nation in December. One of the ways that you can travel to Cuba is for artistic reasons as well as the vague “person-to-person” relations. Conan’s trip counts as both. We’ll cover the episodes when they air.

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