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Conan O’Brien (Satirically) Raises Money For Trump’s Wall

Ginger genius and late-night icon Conan O’Brien is doing a show from Mexico City this week and while he was down there he tried to wrestle up some money for president Donald Trump’s proposed border wall. As we all know, (because Trump wouldn’t shut up about it), he plans to build a three thousand mile long border wall between the United States and Mexico and plans to force Mexico to pay for it. Both current president Enrique Peña Nieto and former Mexican president Vincente Fox have told Trump to shove it. So, Conan took to the streets of Mexico City to raise some money for the wall, (as a joke of course).

But maybe this is how Trump will get the money for the wall. Not by collecting money from the Mexicans because they won’t give him a dime. But perhaps by collecting money from all the anti-Latino bigots who voted for him. Maybe they can pass the hat and raise the 21 billion dollars that the wall is going to cost?

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