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Conor McGregor’s Post-Fight Comment About Mexicans Causes a Stir Online

After loosing the “Fight for the ages”, Conor McGregor is getting mixed reactions about one of his comments after the fight. McGregor told an in-ring interviewer that he “turned Mayweather into a Mexican tonight” and that Mayweather “fought like a Mexican.”

McGregor has been previously criticized for making possible racist remarks and now with his latest remarks the internet is blowing up.

Pero que quiso decir with his Mexican comments? Well to me it sounded like a racist insults but according to boxing experts the remarks were referring to the boxing style of Floyd Mayweather used during the fight.

Mayweather has long been known as a defensive fighter but against McGregor, Mayweather went on the offensive in the second half of the fight which could be considered stereotypically associated with a Mexican fighter. Oscar De La Hoya used such style with a lot of success. But lets make something clear, a fighter using that boxing style does not have to be from Mexico. What do you think, was MacGregor’s comments racist?

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