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Controversy over Cantinflas Movie

After the film Cantinflas was release, in which shows the life of Mexican actor and comedian Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, the writer Ricardo Colorado accused the writers of plagiarism and made a complaint against the Director Sebastián del Amo,who denied to have any contact with Ricardo Colorado. Also, Mario Moreno Ivanova, adoptive son and universal heir of the late Mario Moreno, who approved the script made by producers of the film Tijerina, Vidal Cantu y Adolfo Franco, said that he never knew about another script.

It seems that the Academy already choose Cantinflas to compete for a nomination to the Oscar for Best Foreign Movie. The sad news is that if the demand of Colorado proceeds, the film may no longer represent Mexico at the Oscars because The Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science prohibits a movie with a litigation to be selected to win international awards.

Cantinflas participated in two movies in which both of them had multiple nominations for the Oscar, seven for Pepe in 1960 and eight for Around the World in 80 Days in 1956.

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