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Controversy Over “¡Ehhhh…, Puto!”

Mexico’s soccer fans chant, “Ehhhhh… ¡Puto!” has made it to the World Cup causing controversy. If you listen closely while you watch a Mexico world cup game you will hear Mexican fans chanting the famous chant when the opposing goal keeper kicks the ball. We look at where exactly this chant started. According to futbol legend, the grito was created in Guadalajara in 2004 by la “Barra 51”. Since then, this grito is heard throughout Mexican futbol games and has become a traditional chant. Unfortunately FIFA and other organizations find this chant offensive. They state that “Puto” is slang for fag, and is geared to put down the gay community.

As all true Mexican soccer fans know that this chant has nothing to do with the gay community or directed to them. This chant is to call out the goalie and call him coward. “Ehhhhh… ¡Puto!” is a grito de Guerra! In MLB Baseball and other sports you hear fans yelling “Yankees suck!”, “Lebron sucks!” Suck what? You think those fans are saying to suck on a candy. Are those not gay remarks and no one is saying anything. Come on people It is ridiculous how everyone has become so sensitive and you have to watch what you say because any little thing can offend someone. I don’t see anything wrong with the traditional chant. Its part of being a fan and rooting for you team. It was great to see  during the  Brazil vs Mexico game Brazilians trolling Mexican fans by yelling “Ehhhhh… ¡Puto!” when Guillermo Ochoa, Mexico’s Goalkeeper, kicked the ball.

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