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Cookie Suggestions For The New Latina Head Of The Girl Scouts

Yesterday, the Girl Scouts of America announced that their new CEO is going to be a Latina named Anna Maria Chavez. Ms. Chavez is a Mexican-American from Arizona, and she will be taking over the helm of America’s premier scouting organization for girls. We think this is great, as scouting is a positive and healthy way for kids to learn real life skills, build friendships, and appreciate nature. However, being that it’s the girl scouts, you are thinking what we are thinking: cookies. It is a fact that Girl Scout cookie time is the greatest time of the year. It’s better than Christmas, because you know you are getting delicious cookies and there is no possibility of receiving an ugly sweater with a reindeer on it. It’s the one time of year you want your co-workers to talk to you about their daughters. Now, the Girl Scouts already have a dulce de leche cookie, which frankly tastes like a slightly caramel flavored block of sand. First thing, fix the dulce de leche ones. But we think you can add a few more. So, here is a list of suggestions for Ms. Garcia for possible Latino cookies she could add.

Via Aol News.

Mexican Wedding Cookie (Polvorones)

These delicious almond cookies rolled in powdered sugar would go great next to thin mints on the little girl manned table outside of the supermarket. Powdered sugar is cheap as hell, as is almond flour. They’d be a lot less expensive than producing some of those other cookies no one eats. Tag-alongs? Who cares.

Puerto Rican Coquitos

Our favorite Girl Scout cookie is the Samoas also known as Caramel Delights. These are caramel filled shortbread and chocolate cookies with a topping of coconut. However, for a full blown coconut experience there is nothing like Puerto Rican coquitos. These sweet, drippy, coconut treats are the main reason we have to check our blood sugar every day.


Ok, so they aren’t exactly a cookie, more like a long doughnut. Still, if we can put a man on the moon, surely the Girl Scouts can hire some food scientists to figure out how to create a churro-style cookie. We guarantee a 30% sales increase, Anna Maria.

Flan Cookies

Again, food scientists, let’s make this happen. It can just be a trapezoidal cookie that has a custard filling with a dulce de leche glaze. Our fat aunts would buy 30 boxes each.

Tres Leches Cookies

Ok, this one would be hard, but a tres leches cookie would be awesome. This one might require refrigeration. But, after all you are going to stick those thin mints in the freezer anyway, because there is nothing better than a frozen thin mint. Make it a soft spongy cookie with a milky condensed milk center. We’ve had tres leches doughnuts, so why not cookies? You can charge a little more for these, but trust us people will buy them.


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