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Coyotes Using Cell Phones To Get People Across The Border

There is a new type of coyote in Mexico. Much like Willey, these coyotes are using technology to accomplish their nefarious deeds. No, they aren’t strapping bat wings to people to glide over the border, no matter what Donald Trump thinks. No one gets pushed off a cliff, (Yipe!). Instead, they are using cell phones. In the old days, they’d hand their clients a map that told them where to go to avoid the border patrols. But, the map they drew today might not be the best way to get across tomorrow. U.S. authorities are now seeing coyotes using cell phones to tell Paco how to get to America. It makes sense. The coyotes sit up on mountaintops and use surveillance equipment to see where the border patrols are. Then, they transmit the info via cell phone to the dudes sneaking across. This way, the coyote can monitor where the border patrol is in real time.

Coyotes are horrible evil people who exploit and often kill the people who pay them exorbitant amounts to get them across the border. So, if you can use cell phones to get across the border, why not eliminate the coyote all together. Some developer should come up with an app for the iPhone and Android phones to use GPS and whatnot to help across. You could even charge the high $1.99 app fee. Call it iCoyote or Jump The Fence 2000 or something. It’s our idea, so we want a cut. The Tu Vez Running Mang app has a nice ring to it.

Via Fox New Latino.

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