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Crappy Immigrant Jobs: Costumed Character Guy

We’ve all seen them at major tourist destinations in the U.S. Times Square, Grauman’s Chinese theater in LA, and the Vegas strip are literally crawling with them. I’m talking about the costumed characters that pose with tourists for pictures. There has been a big problem lately with some of these characters where I live in New York because they get into fights or harass the tourists. There is even legislation being proposed to outlaw the practice. But those are just the drunken a-holes trying to ruin it for decent hard working Cookie Monsters. The many other costumed characters that don’t get into trouble are almost all recent immigrants. People from all over Latin America as well as India and China can be not seen in 100 degree weather dressed up as Spongebob or Iron Man. It’s a low paying gig with a lot of competition. There are sometimes 5 Spidermen in a given area. Who do you choose? The one with the best costume? That’s probably not the recent immigrant. His/her costume was probably an off brand knock-off that they bought in Mexico.

I wonder sometimes if they have even seen the movies whose characters they are portraying. Did the abuelita who is in that minion costume really see Despicable Me? I have my doubts. In general I can’t imagine a worse fate than having to deal with tourists. Times Square is basically hell come to Earth and it has an Applebees. But, like in all of the other crappy jobs we profile, the immigrant sucks it up and does what they have to do to survive. Even if that means dressing like Elmo every day.

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