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Crappy Immigrant Jobs: Home Depot Day Laborer Guy

We’ve all seen these guys outside of Home Depots and at specially designated pick-up areas. They look like a bunch of guys loitering and joking around. But they are waiting for work. They are the Home Depot day laborer guy, this week’s pick for crappy immigrant job. These gentlemen are mostly recent arrivals on our shores, often undocumented, and almost always Latino. They are Juans-of-all-trades as they can work on almost anything. If you need something moved, they are your guys. Demolition work? Just hand them a sledge hammer. You need someone to put together your Fjøordénblürffer cabinet from Ikea, they are your guys. The problem is that tht work is unsteady. Some days no one shows up and even if they do they might not hire everyone. The pay is also quite often substandard for the amount of hard work they do. $20 to build an entire shed is crap. Not to mention that they often get stiffed. What are they going to do? Go to the cops?

I understand that these guys need any job that they can get that is paid under the table. The thing is that they don’t mind the hard work. The myth that Latinos are lazy is BS. We are some of the hardest working people around. What I object to is the way they are often treated by the people who hire them. They pay slave wages and treat them as inferior people. Welcome to America.


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