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Crappy Immigrant Jobs: Lettuce Picker Guy

Of all the crappy jobs that Latinos take when they first come to the United States probably the most common and the suckiest is migrant agricultural worker. That’s a fancy way of saying lettuce picker. With all of the modern mechanization used in farming, you still have to pick the lettuce, strawberries, squash, etc. by hand. Invariably those are brown hands. They work long hours and get paid very little. In a sense they are virtual slaves. It’s just a continuation of our history in Latin America. I’ve said before that you can break down the entire history of Latin America into the production of five agricultural products: sugar, bananas, coffee, tobacco, and rubber. Latinos both here and there have been picking White American’s food for hundreds of years. Why should it change now?

The truth is that if many lawmakers got their wish and the migrant Latino worker went back to where they came from, the produce would rot on the tree/bush/ground. Americans would starve. It’s a crappy job and no one wants to do it. Latino immigrants fill the vacuum and pick the fruit. So, the next time you bite into an apple, say a silent prayer for Juan or Maria the migrant worker.

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