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Crappy Immigrant Jobs: “Prostitute Flyer Hander-outer”

I’m currently reporting to you from beautiful Las Vegas, NV where the sun is hot and the ladies are hotter. And by ladies I mean the sex workers. Nevada is the only state in the country that kinda sorta has legal prostitution. If nothing else they tend to look the other way. If you’ve ever walked down Las Vegas blvd. you know that you are constantly assaulted by people trying to hand you little cards with pictures of prostitutes and their phone numbers. What I noticed is that the people handing out these flyers were about 95% recent Latino immigrants. This got me to thinking about all the other $hitty jobs that we Latinos take when we arrive in the United States. Usually, these are the jobs that no one else wants. These are the crappy immigrant jobs.

The job is pretty simple. Stand in 112 degree heat in front of TFI McChuckles or some random casino and hand out business card sized pictures of ladies of the night. To get the attention of passersby you flick the cards and then offer them to potential customers. It isn’t just dudes handing out the flyers either. Many of these prostitution marketers are little old Latina ladies. I am not in the market to hire a sex worker but if I was I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t want someone who reminds me of my abuela handing me the contact info. I can just hear the conversation when abuelita arrived from Mexico:

Grandson: Hey Abuela, welcome to America.

Abuelita: Thanks, mijo. So, what’s this job you got me? Cleaning hotels? Waiting tables?

Grandson: Better. You are going to hand out cards with pictures of putas on them in the desert heat!

Abuelita: ¡Aye Diosito!

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