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Could Cristiano Ronaldo Be Headed to MLS?

There are rumors that the superstar Cristian Ronaldo will be coming to MLS. According to multiple sources, Ronaldo is looking to switch teams and move to the US after his contract with Real Madrid ends. According to reports, some of the cities that Ronaldo would prefer to play in are New York, Los Angeles and Miami. If he does go to New York we could help out the Red Bulls who lost their star player, Thierry henry, who retired last season. If he goes to LA he would follow David Beckham foot steps. Miami currently does not have a team but that could all change since Ronaldo’s contract does not expire till 2018. When David Beckham come over, he legitimized MLS but Ronaldo is a far better player and would make a greater impact if he does make the move. We will see if Ronaldo does move to the US or if he stays in Europe.

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