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Cuba Launches Its Own Facebook Called “Red Social”

Today we discovered that Cuba launched a Facebook knockoff called “Red Social” (literally translates to “social network”).When we say “knockoff,” we mean it’s an almost exact clone. The Cuban replica basically steals everything: from the color scheme to the login screen’s design. This copycat comes as a surprise to analysts, who figured that with Cuba’s track record of violating people’s privacy, it would have been Facebook who copied Cuba.

Take a look below:

More like "socialist network," amirite?

The move is a big push to bring the island nation to the cutting edge of 2004’s technology, putting them just slightly ahead of the Amish.

According to Cuban blogger Carlos Alberto Perez Bentiez, who writes for La Chiringa de Cuba, the site is a product of the country’s Ministry of Education. As per what the end goal of the site is, we don’t really know. Cuba isn’t exactly that into openness of information. Add to that the fact that only 2% of the population has access to internet, and things become more confusing. Of course, if all of those people signs up, Red Social will become more successful than Google Plus.

via Univision Tumblr

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