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Cuba Releases Alan Gross After Five Years In Prison

The American government has managed the release USAID worker Alan Gross after spending five years in a Cuban prison. He left Cuba in a plane bound for the United States late last night. We told you last week that in an interview with Jorge Ramos President Obama said that they were in talks with Cuba to release Gross. In exchange for Gross the U.S. released the last three members of the so called “Cuban Five”, a group of five Cuban operatives that were imprisoned by the U.S. for allegedly spying for Cuba. Two other members of the group were released a couple of years ago in an attempt to improve relations with the island nation.

Gross was arrested in 2009 when he was accused of supplying Cuban dissidents with telecommunications equipment to use in counterrevolutionary activities. Cuba allows USAID to do humanitarian work on the island but it has long been used as a tool by the U.S. government to spy on the Castro government. It will be interesting to see if this move will improve relations between the two countries or whether we’ll continue our frosty relations in the last gasp of the Cold War.

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