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Cuba And The U.S. Officially Reestablish Diplomatic Ties

In a historic and controversial move, today Cuba and the U.S. officially have reestablished diplomatic relations. The Cuban flag rose for the first time in 54 years in front of the Cuban embassy in Washington D.C. The American embassy in Havana will also be upgraded to an embassy today. There was little fanfare and hoopla at the new Cuban embassy. This may be that it is a controversial move. Many Republican senators, most notably Cuban-American presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, have said that they will not allow Obama’s ambassador appointment from being confirmed. The truth is that they can’t really stop this from happening. They can jump up and down and whine all they want but the train is leaving the station with or without them. It’s not been announced who president Obama will appoint as the ambassador. Whoever it is, they have an uphill battle.

Though relations between the two nations have thawed considerably since these changes were first announced by presidents Obama and Castro back in December, things are still tense. In other words, the two countries don’t trust each other. It’s little surprise seeing as they’ve been enemies for half a century. Whoever is appointed as ambassador to Havana and Washington is going to have to work really hard to smooth things out. They biggest stumbling block is the trade embargo the U.S. continues to have against Cuba. Unfortunately, only congress can lift the embargo completely and that is unlikely to happen with this congress. It will be interesting to see what they figure out.

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