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All Of Cuban History In 6 Minutes

Cuban history is both fascinating and complex. Particularly its relationship with the United States. Many of the Founding Fathers believed that it was inevitable that Cuba would one day be a state. The Confederacy thought about annexing Cuba as a slave state during the Civil War. The U.S. tested the waters of imperialism by invading Cuba during the Spanish American War. This led to 50 years of meddling in Cuban politics until the whole Fidel Castro thing happened. The closest the world ever came to nuclear war was a standoff between the U.S. and Cuba. Then 60 years of Cold War followed that is only now beginning to thaw as we speak. If you’ve ever wondered where the source of all this distrust and animosity come from, this video from Vox is a good primer.

I’m currently writing a book that takes place during the Cuban War of Independence and The Spanish-American War so I have been immersed in this stuff for months. This video is pretty accurate and fair.

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