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Cuba’s New Goodwill Ambassador Is…Paris Hilton?

It a move that can only set back relations between the United States and Cuba even further, Paris Hilton traveled to the island and met up with Fidel Castro’s son Fidel Jr., (known as Fidelito). The nuclear physicist son of president/dictator Fidel Castro was on hand at the world famous Havana Cigar Festival and was forced to take a selfie with the infamous celebutante. It’s a bit of a mystery what the hell Paris Hilton was doing in Cuba in the first place. One has to wonder which of the twelve reasons to travel to Cuba she cited on her visa. I doubt being famous for being famous and taking lots of pictures of yourself with kissy lips is on the form. What happened to Trump’s tightening of who can visit Cuba?

The Hilton family has a long history in Cuba. Paris’ grandfather Conrad Hilton built the beautiful Havana Hilton in the 50’s. I’ve been to that hotel, now called the Hotel Havana Libre, and it is pretty swanky. It was nationalized in 1959 along with all other hotels and was temporarily the home of Castro and his cronies immediately following the revolution. Maybe Paris was there to try and negotiate the return of the hotel. It’s hard to say. What I do know is that perhaps Paris Hilton is not who we want representing us as a people. After all, Cuba has lived under communist rule for fifty years and Paris is a creature built on the worst excesses of capitalism and materialistic bourgeois culture. Paris can only remind them of why they shut out the Yanqui imperialistas in the first place.

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