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All We Want For Christmas Is The Cup Size Choir

We love the Christmas holidays for a lot of reasons (gifts, family, booze, gifts). This year, we can add one more thing to that list: The Cup Size Choir.

Who’s that, you ask? They’re a group of very fine looking women who sing a musical note that corresponds with their cup size (A through G). It’s all part of a brilliant viral marketing campaign by lingerie company La Senza. That’s Italian for “holy crap, those are some hot looking girls.” Trust us, we studied the language in college. Watch these girls sing “Deck The Halls”:

In addition to this boobtastically awesome video, the La Senza also posted an interactive synthesizer on their website (pictured below) where you can make the girls sing any tune you want. We never cared to learn any musical instrument, but we’d be more than happy to play with the Cup Size Choir all day and all night, if you catch our drift.

via The Cup Size Choir

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