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Cypress Hill’s B-Real Does Ice Bucket Challenge With Weed

Leave it to my fellow Cubano B-Real from Cypress Hill to take the Ice Bucket Challenge to a higher place. Frankly, I’m sick of this ice bucket thing. I’m glad it’s raised money for ALS and all but now it’s just become a thing people are doing to do it. You can only watch people dump cold water on themselves so many times before you stop caring. But B-Real is not one to be outdone decided to use marijuana instead of water. Yes, he dumped an entire bucket full of mota on himself. He explained that,

“I know we’re going through a drought with water and all that stuff, so we’re going to do it a little different, but I accept the challenge.”

Ah, he’s an environmentalist too. He went on to challenge his fellow potheads Woody Harrelson, Willy Nelson, and and Snoop Dogg to do it too. Not that we condone drug use here at Tu Vez but it is kinda funny.

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