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The Daily Show Skewers Fears About “Illegal” Latinos

The Daily Show
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The Daily Show visited my home state of Texas for a revealing look at the growing anxiety among White folks about the Latino population. It is a fact that by 2020 Latinos will outnumber Whites in the Lone Star State and in some places already do. This is causing a lot of people to freak the F out. They want to close the borders and kick out all the “illegals” only…the overwhelming majority are born in the state, people like me. So, the Daily Show sent Al Madrigal to Austin to talk to some concerned citizens about the growing off-white to brown menace. What he found was some angry soccer moms and a sheriff who seems to think that undocumented workers who come to the U.S. get free computers, car payments, and other goodies. Where he got that from, I don’t know.

When my grandfather moved to our suburb of Houston in 1971 we were one of the few Latinos around. Now, that same area is overwhelmingly Latino. It happens, it’s called immigration and it is at the heart of the American way of life. People had the same reaction when the Irish, Jews, or Italians came over in the early 20th century. They thought that the American way of life was going to change when really all the wanted was to live like ordinary Americans. Also, this video has our favorite actor Danny Trejo being awesome.

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