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Danny Trejo Opens A Taco Stand

One of our favorite actors, Danny Trejo, is taking time out from killing narcos with a machete to open a taco stand in LA. The restaurant will be called Trejo’s Tacos and features the grizzled face of the lovable rogue as its logo. The first location will be housed in an old Taco Bell on South La Brea and Olympic in Los Angeles. They ripped out the garish Taco Bell decor, that looks not unlike a bus station in Arizona in the 70’s, and replaced it with “black Venetian plaster, black leather upholstered seating, and custom black-and-blue tile murals will create a vibe somewhere between hip urban taqueria and biker bar.” Sounds appealing. I would eat the eff out of some Danny Trejo tacos. I bet he kills all the meat himself by giving it a dirty look.

I hope he expands to New York. I would go there every day for lunch in the hope that his toughness essence enters into my soul and makes me muy macho.

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