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Danny Trejo Does Super Bowl Commercial Teaser As…Marcia Brady?

If you are a regular reader of Tu Vez you know that we love tough guy actor and star of the Machete movies Danny Trejo above all others. The guy is just a badass and his story of going from a convict to a well-known action star is truly inspiring. He’s also pretty darn funny. Did you see him in Muppets Most Wanted? Hilarious. That’s why it’s no surprise that Snickers picked him to star in their humorous Super Bowl commercial. It’s part of their “You’re not you when you are hungry” campaign and this time they really outdid themselves. The video below isn’t the whole commercial, it’s just a teaser but it’s pretty awesome. It seems that when goody-two-shoes Marcia Brady from The Brady Bunch is hungry she turns into a scary middle-aged Mexican man. Damn, get that girl something to eat!

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