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Danny Trejo’s “Taco Run”: The Best Game Ever?

It’s no secret that we love Danny Trejo here at TuVez. The gruff Mexican-American actor is most famous for playing the badass Mexican guy in…well…everything. He finally got the leading man role he deserved in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete movies. Not bad for an ex-con and former gang member turned world renowned actor. In LA he launched a very successful taco and doughnut empire and that’s where his new game, “Taco Run” comes into play. It’s a straightforward in its game play. You play Danny Trejo as Danny Trejo and you run along and try and catch as many tacos and taco ingredients as you can.

It’s a classic side scroller type situation. It’s as if Double Dragon was about eating tacos and not beating up faceless 80’s gang members. You can download it for Android or iOS here. Do it, or else Danny Trejo will steal all your tacos!

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