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Dead Rising 2 Review: Killing Zombies Is Fun

Dead Rising 2 is fun. So much fun, in fact, that it almost makes you wish a zombie apocalypse would happen just so you can annihilate the undead like main character does.

You play as Chuck Greene, a former motorcross champ turned pay-per-view game show star that’s being blamed for causing a zombie outbreak in the Vegas-like Fortune City. The entire thing is a setup and you spend the next 72 hours (in video game time) trying to get to the bottom of things, rescuing survivors, and finding Zombrex– an expensive drug that prevents people from turning into the undead– for your young daughter Katie. Oh yeah, and you kill boatloads of zombies in the process with all kinds of  weapons.

Speaking of which, the killing tools made available to Chuck would make MacGyver proud. As you navigate the world of Fortune City destroying zombies left and right, you gain prestige points that not only power your character up but also unlock combo cards that allow you to combine two items to  makeshift weapons. Some of these include the “Paddle Saw” ( chainsaw + kayak paddle), the “Exsanguinator” (vacuum cleaner + saw blade), the “Handy Chipper” (wheelchair + lawnmower), and, in what we think is a tribute to Ash Williams and Army Of Darkness, the “Boomstick” (shotgun + pitchfork).

The game is not without its faults. Loading times take a bit longer than you would expect and somewhat disrupt the pace of the game. On top of that, using one button to to fight off the zombie hordes leaves something to be desired.

Despite it’s shortcomings, Dead Rising 2 does a good job at moving the game along. Although the game employs the “sandbox” format, you’re in a race against time so there’s never a dull moment. When you’re not working to uncover the plot against you, you spend your time saving other humans from being eaten alive.

All in all, Dead Rising 2 is so enjoyable that you’ll find yourself playing for hours on end. It sucks up your time very much like a zombie would on a brain.

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