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Demi Lovato Charging Ultimate Fans 10K For VIP Package

Demi Lovato recently announced a tour with Nick Jonas, which got fans going crazy. Para los aficionados that want to feel like a VIP during the show, you are in luck. You can get special seats on a side stage lounge as well as two pictures with the headliner of your choice and other goodies for $1,500.

Now if you want the ultimate VIP treatment and have a cool $10,000 lying around then you can purchase the ultimate VIP package. You may be asking what would possibly be worth ten grand. For a cool $10k you and three friends will be treated to your own backstage dressing room, a backstage tour, a meal from the tour’s caterers and a quick visit by Demi and Nick so they can take a couple of selfies with you. Oh and the $1,500 or $10K package NO está incluido el boleto para el show, QUÉ? That is right, you will also have to buy a concert ticket. I think Demi and Jonas have gone crazy, after all these packages are clearly para los fans con mucho dinero and leaves the regular fans out on the cold.

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