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Disney Princesses Get The Selena Treatment

There is no greater icon in American Latino and Mexican-American cultural life of the last 30 years than Selena Quintanilla Perez. The Tejano singer has grown to mythical status in the years since her death. One of the other great cultural touchstones in mainstream American society is that of Disney’s princess films. Every little girl, no matter her ethnic background, loves those Disney princesses. They are on backpacks, lunchboxes, and everything else you can imagine. Wanting to create a mash-up of these two worlds, Cosmopolitan Magazine hired illustrator Isaiah K. Stephens to give the Disney princesses the Selena treatment. The result is amazing.

I remember the day Selena died all too well. I grew up in East Texas and went to a high school that was at least 51% Mexican-American. When news of Selena’s death spread through the school, everything stopped. The girls were crying in the hallway and boys were playing her songs on the classroom radios. My friend Henry, Selena’s second cousin, was so upset he had to go home. But it’s nice to remember her as she was, young, beautiful, and incredibly talented. See the rest of the pics here.

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