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On Donald Trump And SNL

Last Saturday, the man with the bad toupee, Donald Trump, appeared on Saturday Night Live as its guest host. This came after a month of protests and appeals to NBC, Lorne Michaels, and common decency to not let this happen. Hundreds gathered outside 30 Rockefeller Plaza, where SNL shoots, to protest for days leading up to the taping. The show went on anyway and Trump caused a huge ratings boost for the show. They had the highest numbers in years. The show was mediocre, I thought. There were a couple of funny sketches and I particularly liked when Larry David called Donald Trump a racist to his face. Let’s face it, SNL hasn’t been very good in years and the sudden appearance of the Donald wasn’t going to change that. Still, the very fact of his being given a forum on SNL is unsettling.

The thing that bothers me is how NBC thought having a man who has repeatedly spewed such open hatred and bigotry towards Latinos deserves to come on the show. If SNL’s intention was to be fair to both sides of the aisle, there are other Republican candidates that haven’t been as hostile toward Latinos. The truth is that if Trump had been as nasty to other minority groups as he was to Latinos, he would never have been invited on the show. But most of the people he’s insulted are Latinos and women and who gives a crap about them, right? At the end of the day the only color that matters is green. Lorne Michaels knew that he would get a huge boost from Trump’s appearance. It just goes to show you that for all their pretensions on being subversive, SNL is now and always has been a moneymaking machine.

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