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Donald Trump Wants to Ban Wire Transfers to Mexico

Donald Trump’s controversial border wall has sinked to a new low. Ahora Trump quiere prohibir all money transfers from the US to Mexico unless Mexico pays for the border wall dividing the two nations.

Pues que se cree este señor, para empezar Mexico no va a poner ningún peso a esa pared y como se atreve a limitar a tantos hard working Mexicanos que ayudan a su familia desde aca. According to the Bank of Mexico, there were $24.77 billion in remittances to Mexico in 2015. Thats a whole lot of money wires that are impossible to track. This is one of the most ridiculous ideas Trump has come up with. It only makes him look more like a dictator holding hard working Mexicans hostage and putting their families at risk y diciendole a Mexico asi te va si no pones para la pared. I hope this is the nail in the coffin for his presidential campaign.

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