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Dora The Explorer Moves To The Big City

Dora the Explorer, the popular Latino children’s TV character, is growing up and is moving to the big city for some all new adventures. In her previous incarnations, Dora was a seven year old with a knack for getting into wacky adventures in the wilderness. In this new show, Dora in the City, she will be ten and a little more sophisticated. She will be having more urban adventures in this show than she had previously. Dora will still be voiced by Fátima Ptacek who has been performing the iconic character for four years. Dora will be using more grown up gadgets too like a smartphone and GPS. Dora was praised when it first came on not only for its quality but also because it represented a Latina character in an intelligent manner.

Representation is important and Dora taught a generation of Latina girls that they can do or be whatever they want to be. It’s not surprising that they’ve made the jump to the big city. Most kids in America live in a suburb or city so it is easier for them to relate to someone in a more urban setting. We look forward to seeing what hijinks she gets up to.

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