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Dumb Starbucks, Parody Art or Just Plain Dumb.

A new coffee shop, which recently opened in Los Angeles, is causing up a stir.  The independent coffee shop, Dumb Starbucks, is using practically the same logo and store layout as the well known coffee chain Starbucks.  The by adding the word “dumb”, to the logo, the owner states that he is categorizing his business as a work of parody art. As part of their menu they are offering, Dumb Iced Coffee, Dumb Frappuccino, and a seasonal Wuppy Duppy Latte.  Either the owner is dumb as hell or has some huevos to challenge the corporate world and use the branding of a well know brand of coffee giant like Starbucks. But this is the not first time a person has had the huevos to use a well known brands as part of their business image.  We take a trip south of the border where you can get everything from tacos, tortas, pet grooming and any pharmaceutical drugs without a prescription, all from well known U.S. brands we all trust, adore and or hate.
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If you are in the need for a mom and pop convenience store to buy some papitas and a soda, look no further then this gem. Who needs the low prices and the strange Walmart shoppers when you got Gualmart. Need to take your four legged friend to get pampered or just a trim, forget the expensive grooming places, you need a classy joint like Facedoog. I am sure Mark Zuckerberg would get a kick of the afro dog wearing a white jump suit. Feeling sick or just need to pick up some Viagra, Vicodin, or any other drugs without a prescription while remembering your favorite animated TV show, then today is your lucky day. And here I thought Homer Simpson always worked at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. If you need the good stuff that will make you feel strong and invincible like your favorite Marvel super hero or simply want to be like Alex Rodriguez then you can try this Pharmacy. Looks like Stan Lee is expanding his brand into the pharmaceutical industry. Looking for a healthy choice while in Mexico, why stop at a Subway when you can have a Tortaway. You can find this hidden treasure in Tijuana close to the border, but these tacos are not the hard shelled pre licked kind that you find at your local Taco Bell.  This place serves up real bomb ass tacos.

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