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El Chapo: Fashion Icon?

By now you’ve probably heard the strange and often comic story of how Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was captured. He gave away his position after being interviewed by Sean Penn for Rolling Stone magazine and making inquiries of producers and actors to make a biopic. Now he’s safely back in his cell and wearing the prison issued jumpsuits. It’s a shame because if there is one thing we learned from the Rolling Stone article is what a snazzy dresser El Chapo is when he is on the outside. Barabas, a Los Angeles clothing store where El Chapo bought his now iconic blue shirts, is capitalizing on El Chapo having worn them in pictures with Sean Penn. They have plastered the pictures all over their website and Facebook page. The site even crashed as people scrambled to get the shirts to complete the El Chapo look.

What we forget is that even though he is an evil murdering bastard, El Chapo is also a bit of a folk hero to many people. They see him as a glamorous kingpin that defies the law and makes them look stupid. While I certainly wouldn’t want to emulate him, a lot of people do. Besides, those shirts are hideous.

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