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El Chapo Puts A $100 Million Bounty On Donald Trump

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is not a fan of Donald Trump. Who is? But he’s putting his money where his mouth is by offering a $100 million dollar bounty on Donald Trump’s head. He will pay it dead or alive, so anyone who kidnaps Trump doesn’t have to listen to him talk. Trump alerted the government about this and has upped his security. While he is running for president he gets a detail of secret service agents to protect him. But what happens if he drops out of the race and the government withdraws the secret service? Luckily for him he can afford some scary dudes to protect him. But you are dealing with the Mexican drug cartels here and they give nary an F. They are liable to attack Trump with a helicopter and a Gatling gun. El Chapo is the guy who daringly escaped from jail in a secret tunnel. He has no fear.

Not that we advocate killing Trump. We just want him to drop out of the race and shut the hell up. This is what happens when you whip up all that hate. As Malcolm X once famously said about the Kennedy assassination, you can’t be surprised when the violence you put out makes “the chickens come home to roost”. All I know is that if I was Trump I would watch my back for reals.

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