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The Most Feared Monsters In Latin America: El Silbón

El Silbón is a monster found in Colombia and Venezuela. According to legend, El Silbón is the ghost of a young man who killed his father stripping his guts for having killed his wife. Like all legends there are several variations. Those that have seen El Silbón say he sits on a tree trunk picking up dust with his hands, but he usually comes out at night during rainy days. He is regarded, as an omen of death for anyone who wonders the plains at night. He follows his victim from a distance gradually catching up to them. He can play tricks on his victim with his musical whistle. If you hear him whistling very close he expects you to run away, but as his whistle fades away in the distance his victim relaxes and let’s their guard down. This is when El Silbón is actually very close to his victim. So if you ever find yourself in Colombia or Venezuela make sure you look out for El Silbón.

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