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Electric Delorean Coming Soon!

We all want to help the environment. We recycle, buy organic foods, and try not to make too big a carbon footprint. The best thing you can do is buy a hybrid or electric car. The only problem is how lame these kinds of cars tend to be. A Prius has great gas mileage, but it looks like a Martian soccer mom’s station wagon. We may be globally conscious men, but we’re still men and we want to drive a badass manly car. As we’ve said before, one of our favorite movies is “Back to the Future”. There has never been nor ever well be a more awesome car than the Delorean. This is a fact. So, we’re happy to announce an electric Delorean.

The Delorean Motor Company of Texas is creating a Delorean electric car! The Texas based company bought the Delorean brand years ago and has a giant warehouse filled with Delorean parts. They’ve been repairing and building Deloreans ever since, but are now getting in to the primary manufacturing biz. In the next couple of years the company is going to release an electric environmentally friendly Delorean. This means you can save the Earth and pretend you are Marty McFly at the same time. No word yet on when they will be developing the Mr. Fusion.

Via Jalopnik.

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