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Elena Of Avalor Is The Not Really Latina Disney Princess


A few years ago people became excited at the prospect that Princess Sophia the First would be the first real Latina Disney Princess. But it was all a misunderstanding. At best she was Spanish and not Latina and she wasn’t even that. She was princess of some made up land. But now, for real, the media conglomerate is coming out with an honest to God Latina princess…kind of. Her name is Elena of Avalor and she is getting her own spin-off series after being introduced on Sophia the First. She will be voiced by young actress Aimee Carrero. She is described by Disney as,

“16 year-old Princess Elena, the bold, caring, funny and clever ascendant to the throne in the fairytale kingdom of Avalor.”

Disney says that the show will,

“Draw on the traditions, foods and customs of Latin and Hispanic cultures.”

Which brings us to the “kind of”. She isn’t actually from a Latin American country but rather from the Latino “inspired” Avalor. Unlike Pocahontas that actually was a Native American living in North America or Jasmine who lived in the Middle East, Elena isn’t in any kind of real place. I don’t know why it’s so hard putting a Latina main character in a Disney cartoon, but apparently it is. Still, it’s better than nothing. Right? Right?

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