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Emilio Estefan Releases Protest Song “We’re All Mexicans”

Music mogul and Gloria’s husband Emilio Estefan released a new song protesting the attitudes taken by many on the right, especially Donald Trump, with regards to Latinos in general and Mexicans in particular. As the largest Latino group in the country, Mexicans have been singled out for special scorn by these pundits. Trump, of course, notoriously wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out and compared them to murderers and rapists. Estefan, meanwhile, wanted to create an anthem of Latino unity saying that when they attack one group within the Latino community, they are really attacking us all. Cubans, like him and I, don’t really have to worry about immigration. Once we set foot on U.S. soil, we are in. This is one of many reasons that Cubans can be Republicans in such large numbers. Many of them don’t think the immigration rhetoric is aimed at them and so they other the Mexicans and don’t stand in solidarity with them. I know this attitude all too well and I’m guessing that’s what Estefan is trying to combat.

Still, the video is over-the-top. Dancing chihuahuas and beans? Really?

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