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Selena Gomez Released From Psychiatric Facility

November 08, 2018 

Reports are that la cantante Selena Gomez is out of the psychiatric facility she was admitted to last month after suffering an emotional breakdown. She is said to have completed a month of treatment, including dialectical behavior therapy, at an undisclosed East Coast facility. Before checking in the singer was battling a low white blood….


‘El Mariachi’ Is The Greatest Indie Movie Of All Time

November 07, 2018 

Filmmaking is expensive. Any film with a budget under 500K is considered extremely low budget. You have to rent equipment, hire a crew, pay the actors, get permits, purchase food, buy props, find costumes, get film stock, processing, etc. Or you can do all the work yourself and make a film for 7,000 dollars. Impossible?….


Sofia Vergara Named Highest Paid Actress

November 04, 2018 

La actriz Colombiana, Sofia Vergara, has been named the world’s highest-paid actress on television for the seventh year in a row. She racked up a cool $42.5 million. The 46-year old is at the top of Forbes list of highest-paid TV actresses in 2018 thanks to her role on the hit ABC show Modern Family….


Is Día de Los Muertos Becoming Too Commercialized?

November 01, 2018 

Before we can decide if Día de Los Muertos is becoming too commercialized let’s understand what exactly is Día de Los Muertos. For starters Día de Los Muertos has nothing to do with Halloween. It is rooted in indigenous Mexican beliefs that date back to long before the Spanish conquest of Mexico. This indigenous tradition….


Dia De Los Muertos Isn’t Mexican Halloween

October 30, 2018 

This Friday is Dia del los Muertos, which is always celebrated on on November 2nd just two days after Halloween. Because of that the Day of the Dead is often called “Mexican Halloween” by Americans and Latinos that should really know better. It is most definitely not that. Halloween is the day all across the….

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