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Jennifer Lopez Owned the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

April 14, 2015 

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards just further proves it — Jennifer Lopez is a total red carpet pro. La bella Jennifer Lopez lució flawless yet again. Not even the LA breeze could mess her hair and makeup. She even took time to do some selfies with her fans. Lopez was also a big winner at….


Salma Hayek And Her Hubby Are Bad Tippers

April 13, 2015 

When it comes to tipping, Latinos get a bad rap that they tip less then 15% or even worse they don’t tip at all. Don’t get me wrong if I get crappy service then the amount I tip will reflect that. Now when it comes to millionaires, are they expected to give a big tip?….


Why Sofia Vergara Wishes She Had Fake Boobs

April 09, 2015 

The Colombian bomb shell is best know for her set of natural boobs but now she has come to say she wished they were fake. La Colombiana went on to say on the May issue of Vanity Fiar, “Believe me, I wish I had fake boobs.” “I lay down and they completely go down like….


Latino Juan Pablo Di Pace Stars As Jesus In NBC’s “AD: The Bible Continues”

April 06, 2015 

Argentine actor Juan Pablo Di Pace is taking on the part of Jesus of Nazareth in NBC’s AD: The Bible Continues. The series is a follow-up to the extremely popular The Bible mini-series that NBC aired last year. AD will tell the story of the early Christians from the first few chapters of the Book….


Danny Trejo Opens A Taco Stand

March 25, 2015 

One of our favorite actors, Danny Trejo, is taking time out from killing narcos with a machete to open a taco stand in LA. The restaurant will be called Trejo’s Tacos and features the grizzled face of the lovable rogue as its logo. The first location will be housed in an old Taco Bell on….

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